Data Ops for Field Agents


Field agents working in a fast-paced environment need “emerging subject matter experts” to quickly acquire and apply specific domain knowledge and supporting data to make critical mission decisions on the fly.


eSimplicity engineers integrate key Palantir products, including Palantir Gotham and Palantir Foundry to deliver insights from complex and disparate data sets.


Field agents can quickly gain insights, track trends, and create strategic plans to respond to these trends. End users benefit from the ability to quickly review external data sources through the use of federated search capabilities, and then enhance these search results through creating new data artifacts. The system promotes support for a “right here, right now” workflow, allowing users to take immediate action on new information when necessary.

Bringing together multiple Palantir technologies into a single government system provides unparalleled capabilities for customers and end users.

Harmony between human, data and technology

Data management and governance tools should be visually intuitive and easy to use for a variety of users with different technical backgrounds while supporting security controls, catalog management, transformation/masking management, machine learning/AI with built-in accuracy measures, and lineage traceability (e.g., for a user journey), and versioning management for parallel development. Palantir Gotham and Palantir Foundry, with their open-architecture platform, powerful user interface tools, and an end-to-end approach to holistic data management, accelerate data pipeline modernization timelines. Government and industry currently use Palantir to take down financial crimes and expedite new drug development, etc. Via drag and drop solutions, Investigator/Analyst Foundry users can perform data analysis or use widgets to quickly put together 360 views of entity data that can be drilled down to the detail events or transactions. Field agent or investigator users can have their own workspace with full security control.

Succinct and Seamless Integration of Palantir Products

eSimplicity delivers solutions that support integration of a front-end government management system with a custom Java middle-tier system that integrates with Palantir’s AtlasDB solution. This management system provides key insights through the integration of data analytics tools that interact with the system’s data model. The system is hosted on the cloud with security implementation at every layer. Multiple external integrations are facilitated via http, and custom data warehouse exports and data ingest.

Exceptional High-Availability System Monitoring

eSimplicity supports system monitoring through usage of tools such as Datadog, Nagios, PagerDuty, and AWS Management Console, as well as custom alerting solutions. The system’s monitoring platform integrates with enterprise communication tools such as Slack to promote immediate notification and resolution of issues and to encourage collaboration for developing solutions. Our team proactively addresses and monitors issues that affect system availability and documents the solutions executed to support a rapid service restoration model both for present and future system issues.