Cutting through complexity to create a simple, more connected world.

Launched in 2016, eSimplicity delivers game-changing Digital Services, Healthcare IT, and Telecommunications solutions that improve the health and life of millions of Americans while defending our national interests on the battlefield. We create products and services with the people and for the people. Our engineers choose customers and projects that help protect life or make life simpler and more meaningful…

Who We Want To Be?

Be Bold

Be Real

Be Curious

At eSimplicity we live the SIMPLE life.

  • Smart - smart and reliable results with consistent effort keeps our customers happy
  • Imaginative - we like to think outside of the box and start with the end in mind, imagining what could be from what is
  • Motivated - serving others and making a difference for our customers and end users every day keeps us focused
  • Positive - bugs happen, deadlines cause pressure, but we remain positive in the face of adversity and work to solve problems as we identify them
  • Leading - consistently looking for ways to use the newest technology and solve our customer's problem the right way
  • Empowered - we believe excellence starts with each of us, every day, working hard to serve our customers and each other, we empower our Simplifiers to go forth and be awesome!

Government and industry overwhelmingly responded to our Simplifiers!

And they can't stop talking about how helpful we are to their mission

Our Core Values

Create for the people

We don’t create services and products just for meeting legislation requirements. We create with the people and for the people. Using a human-centered approach, our engineers help the government create a connected, enhanced and well communicated world.

Be bold and forge new paths

We believe that forging new paths and looking for ways to disrupt traditional approaches is paramount to developing unique solutions that can meet the myriad of challenges facing government and business today. We are curious, creative, ambitious, decisive, and willing to take calculated risks and tackle big challenges.

Be real and direct

We’re at our best when we’re authentic, engaged, fun-loving, humble, direct, and all-in on our mission.

Work for a cause

We know we do our best work when we are working on things we’re interested in. So, we carefully select projects that excite our team. Everyday we work to create products and services that improve the health and life of the public and defend America’s interests.

Be curious and grow

It’s impossible to know everything. What worked yesterday can’t be guaranteed to work tomorrow. Curiosity makes our mind observant of new ideas, opens up new worlds and possibilities, and brings excitement into our life and our customer life.

Build wings and share

An eagle wing is stronger than a wing of an airplane. Most eagles have wings that are rather long and wide, to help them soar and glide with less effort. We are wings for one another, including other contractors serving the same customer. We share, mentor, and learn from one another.

Be compassionate and care

Compassion is empathy and caring in action. Being open to others enables us to face tough times with creativity and resilience. Empathy enables us to connect with people. It helps us get things done, and to deal with power stress and the sacrifices inherent in leadership.