Our team is transforming the way our customers do business. We do not always need new or more technologies to solve business problems. But when we do, we default to open-architecture solutions and deploy the latest tools and technologies to provide modern, scalable solutions that address the user needs.
Cloud & Open Source
Free Opensource Software (FOSS)

Our open source practice serves as the COE for delivering enterprise-scale, full-scope implementations leveraging Agile delivery methodologies, eSimplicity’s SIMPLE playbook, and DevSecOps best practices and tools​. We employ modern industry patterns, delivering microservices and other distributed architectures at scale​. We facilitate CxO cloud strategies with platform deliveries in IaaS & PaaS ecosystems,​ providing full stack solutions that include modern, mobile ready rich internet applications (RIA) leveraging Angular, Bootstrap, Node, npm and other modern JS, HTML5, and CSS tools and frameworks​.


100% of our civilian programs leverage AWS as the backbone for our solutions employing diverse PaaS, SaaS, and custom technologies. We have successfully leveraged AWS for some of our innovative commercial and federal solutions, including machine learning and AI technologies for medical record review, and predictive models for fraud, waste and abuse.


Our SIMPLE™ Operational Intelligence Toolkits that build on top of Splunk and cloud tools are configured specifically for each client and environment. The toolkits enable our clients to proactively manage when an action is required, notify the proper individuals, and take timely actions to stop and prevent threats. Our Splunk architects and developers implement Splunk solutions to monitor thousands of servers for the largest healthcare payers in the world, including the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), and Humana.

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