We are designers, engineers, and strategists. A team with the heart of an engineer, the soul of a designer, and a vision to create an elegantly connected, digitally enhanced, well-communicated world, that delivers real results by collaboration and empathy.

Meet The Team

AnhThu Nguyen
Founder, Chief Executive Officer

AnhThu is a serving leader who establishes and nurtures an eSimplicity culture of people and innovation with a strong customer focus and result-driven approach. She also holds responsibility as a Cheerleader in Chief by creating an environment that attracts, motivates and retains the best talent in the industry. With 20 years of strong track record of successful coordination and negotiation on national and international spectrum regulations for the DoD and NASA, AnhThu is passionate about delivering effective spectrum solutions to protect the DoD assets and operations security.

Nam Nguyen
Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer

Nam is an energetic, bold, and hands-on leader with proven ability to elevate performance for clients as well as internal organizations. Nam is passionate about building a talented, healthy, and motivated engineering organization and leading it to accomplish extraordinary things. People surrounding him will quickly recognize he cares deeply about organizational health and principled leadership, as these are the greatest drivers for any team to harness its maximum potential. Nam has 20 years of strong track records of successful launch of online services for both federal and commercial clients including the CMS, IRS, DoD, NASA, and hundreds of large educational institutions.

Keith McFarland
Sr. VP, Chief Innovation Officer

Living happily in his RV with his wife and three kids and driving crisscross around the country, Keith is one of those unique technical and collaborative individuals with direct leadership experience including all roles in product management, and product development activities. With extensive global architecture and team leadership experience, Keith excels at leading multiple cross-functional teams simultaneously. Keith is the recipient of the Virgin Mobile Board of Directors Award. As a creative inventor, with 12 filed/approved U.S. and International patents, Keith is passionate about technology, solutions and teams that achieve results.

Wiley Barnes
Vice President, National Security

Living in Fort Collins, Colorado with his family, Wiley is an Air Force veteran with 24 years as an intelligence officer and military strategist. He served in a variety of operations, planning, policy, and training roles in the US, Middle East, and Europe. In his last Pentagon role, he co-founded the Project Brown Heron digital transformation effort for the Department of the Air Force in partnership with Palantir. As an innovation champion with a track record of visionary leadership, he is driven to help organizations enhance their contributions to national security by integrating technology, developing the workforce, and improving how they operate.

Casey Harris
Director of Culture and People

 Casey is a creative, dynamic and collaborative leader with a proven track record of influencing and managing teams at various levels of the organization. She is results driven and inspires a culture of positivity and continuous learning within eSimplicity. She oversees all people and culture related activities including those related to recruiting, hiring, performance management, employee engagement, training and leadership development. Casey brings to eSimplicity’s mission her dedication and prior experience running the professional development programs at the American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC).  She carries a Masters of Education in Organizational Learning, Performance and Change and is passionate about creating work environments where people feel cared about and inspired to do their best work.

Jamie Newberry
Senior Director, Program Management

Jamie has 20+ years of delivery experience in managing and mentoring teams across multiple industries. Focused on improving processes to release quality products based on user research, analytics, and business financial and operational goals. Expert at implementing process frameworks, gathering stakeholder support, defining, and measuring product KPIs, and implementing Agile software development processes for improved workflow efficiencies. He has achieved lifetime platinum status at The Home Depot for all of his home improvement projects, believes Frank Sinatra is under-appreciated and the Elves got it right on “Pedo mellon a minno”.

Eric Ross
Director of Operations

Eric has come a long way from his days as a software developer, now with six years in management and operations. He is passionate about enabling others to do their best work and supporting them in their day-to-day efforts. In his role at eSimplicity, he is responsible for contracts, finance, technology, facilities, special projects and the occasional customer’s project. Eric has focused his career on service through technology and he cares deeply about his team members and the organizations he works with. He has extensive development experience and special expertise in blockchain technology and directing software development and implementation. He is focused daily on ensuring that eSimplicity brings it’s best to the table and serving the team as a whole.

Carrie Yang-Johnson
Director of Business Growth

Dedicated and passionate about making a positive difference, Carrie is focusing on bringing eSimplicity’s capabilities to where it matters most to help the government serve the public. Carrie makes sure eSimplicity’s business capture and proposals are aligned with our purpose-driven missions, agile culture and values, and program delivery objectives. She has 20 years of experience in contract and program management for healthcare, human services, and Defense programs.  Prior to joining eSimplicity, she held management and leadership positions supporting health and IT business development efforts including multiple agencies within the DoD, Social Security Administration (SSA), Defense Health Agency (DHA), and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Arsalan Ansari, Agile Leader
Omolowea Adaramola, Machine Learning Engineer
Rupa Gangatirkar, Data Feature Engineer
Fernadez Mbah, Senior Splunk Developer
Hunter Whitney, Principal HCD Strategist
Andrew Fulks, Principal Engineer
Loulit Tefera, RF Engineer
Philip Coyne, Data Analyst
Rashad Goode, NOC Engineer
Darryl Marshall, Director, Consulting
Sergey Semichev, Cloud Data and AI/ML Architect
Bin Shao, Lead AI Scientist
Jean Sa-Nganet, Senior Technical Recruiter
Arminder Singh, Senior Electrical Engineer
Alisha Guffey, Product Director
Chris Lenderman, Engineering, Director
Chirag Gala, Product, Senior Consultant
Wendy Ward, Product, Senior Consultant
Seth Ackerman, Product, Sr. Consultant
Akshay W., Product, Managing Consultant
Farshid Alaee, Engineering, Director
Kaladhar Bejjanki, Engineering, Sr. Consultant
Albert Roffe, Engineering, Sr. Consultant
Pattie Brown, Operations, FSO
Andrei Chabokha, Engineering, Sr. Consultant
Saleh Hamed, Engineering, Consultant
Sharath Kamarapu, Engineering, Sr. Consultant
Naresh Kilaru, Engineering, Sr. Consultant
Jared Knowles, Engineering, Managing Consultant
Liz Coots, Operations, Sr. Consultant
Nagaraju K., Engineering, Managing Consultant
Meenal Kulkarni, Engineering, Sr. Consultant
Chakshu Mahajan, Engineering, VP
Ben Longwood, Engineering, Sr. Consultant
Savannah Marino, Operations, Consultant
Dominic Nguyen, Engineering, Consultant
Pandu Puppala, Engineering, Director
Tanveer Shaikh, Operations, Consultant