Data Lineage

Your team is very good at gathering data and integrating it. But why is it so difficult to understand how two reports with similar activities did not match? The answer usually lies in the ability to understand the journey the data takes as it moves from its originating data source to the ultimate BI and analytic products created from it. Teams sometime frame this as an issue where the data engineers who implement the data pipeline may not understand the business logic and think only business users should own and control the data sources that feed to the data pipeline. Business owners do not often have the technical capabilities to manage the data feeds. So, the ability to detect errors and trace the error back to its source gives data lineage a front-row seat at the design table for most forward-thinking data analysts, BI developers, data architects, and data scientists. eSimplicity works with well thought-out and designed solutions that remove much of the manual effort with ground-breaking techniques like machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

The SIMPLE Experience

Data lineage automation

eSimplicity solutions replace most manual activities with a tool that can automatically and quickly track much of the data lineage. Data lineage automation and the ability to generate the visual trace or mapping of the data as it flows through the analytical environments means that developers and the business community can easily discover the data and analytical assets they need.

Clean and easy-to-use interface with minimalist design

The clarity and simplicity of the interface  makes data lineage usable by analytical developers, as well as business consumers and producers. After all, if you can not locate the data or analytical asset needed quickly, then what is the point? Such an interface allows users to locate the data quickly and view everything related to the data – every process, table, or view – as it goes through its journey from start to finish. Good visibility ensures that all users have the appropriate data for their needs, and reduces the time required to find, analyze, and fix errors and other discrepancies.

Agile and rapid deployment with data like code capability

The creation of horizontal and vertical data lineage is not a simple process due to a manual collection process. Our tool automates as much as possible. Once extraction is completed, automation continues for the rest of the data lineage tracking. eSimplicity developers inspect data issues by a visual representation of the journey of transformation of any specific data element.