We really think Palantir as a best-in-class modern data pipeline solution with an open architecture that is available on any of the public or private or hybrid cloud. Our core data engineering team has expertise in the Palantir cloud infrastructure configuration as well as the development of data pipelines using Palantir’s Foundry solution. We love it. And you can try it to feel it. Just ask us about setting up a pilot project.

The SIMPLE Experience

What’s a Palantir data pipeline?

Palantir Foundry is a platform that reimagines how people use data by removing the barriers between back-end data management and front-end data analysis. Foundry enables users with varying technical ability and deep subject matter expertise to work meaningfully with data.

The challenges of implementing a data pipeline with open-source solutions such as Spark, EMR and other HDFS technologies require an integration of about 2 dozen technologies together, taking most if not all the time from the team for years on just data integration. You can have a great team but integrating a complex open source stack drains resource. As a result, the team may not have enough resource to focus on the users and the data itself, which are the most important factors for a successful mission.

Palantir integrates many of these open source technologies together so you don’t have to. We don’t see any competitor (for Palantir) in the market at this point for a platform that is easy to use with minimalist design that covers everything from data ingestion, data mapping/integration, security at every level, data service catalog/ownership, data masking, data lineage that visually traces data back to its origins, AI integration with built-in models, visual BI, notebook, API, AND widgets to quickly put together beautiful case management and 360 view of entity data on top. Plus, it has all the versioning features for parallel data-like-code development. We can integrate with any other data bases we want too. In case you ask, our developers can use Python, Java or javascript to code any additional logic in the platform.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Palantir Foundry makes machine learning operational by connecting models to the real-world decisions they inform. Often, AI/ML algorithms live in experimental vacuums. Foundry provides the end-to-end infrastructure an organization needs to apply AI/ML to real problems and real data. AI/ML models rarely work on a “set it and forget it” basis. Foundry integrates the full model lifecycle with end-user actions and feedback, and with operational decisions and outcomes. This enables operationally oriented model monitoring, management, understanding, selection, and adjustment. The result is more adaptable and ambitious AI/ML, faster.

Case Management

Unlike traditional case management applications, Palantir offers integrated and adaptive investigative capabilities to a wide spectrum of organizations. Users build out an isolated tip or lead by searching for related entities and events across all enterprise data.

A case frequently involves multiple contributors who perform a variety of functions, from assignment to adding information to approving progress. Developers can use pre-built web widgets and set up a case management tool in a matter of minutes to integrate with the Palantir data repositories. Palantir Case Management allows organizations to define user roles and responsibilities and to determine the sequence of steps required to execute tasks based on pre-existing workflows developed for similar organizations or designed from scratch.

Users can see and contribute to their peers’ work to enhance collaboration and transparency. Palantir’s security model protects data at a granular level, ensuring that users see only the information they are authorized to see. Supervisors can view, add to, and set access permissions for cases under their purview. With unified access to both investigations and case status, supervisors can assign tasks rapidly and effectively based on an informed knowledge of their teams’ workloads. Palantir’s dashboards for statistics and metrics provide high-level stakeholders with real-time insight into their organization’s performance. Palantir Case Management condenses workflows and improves transparency to deliver value at every level of an organization.