Spectrum Management - Air Force


Accessible radio frequencies are crucial for warfighter training, testing, and operations. Ensuring access to the necessary electromagnetic spectrum for Air Force missions is not an easy task, especially in a time of growing demand across the military and commercial sectors. In addition, the evolution of mobile broadband 5G and beyond telecommunications, as well as the demand for spectrum is creating additional congestion in the airways, further complicating matters.


eSimplicity assists the AF to strategically plan, retain, protect, obtain and effectively use electromagnetic spectrum resources for its operations. We provide spectrum regulatory compliance and RF engineering expertise to find innovative solutions for AF terrestrial and space telecommunications systems. In parallel, we support AF by advocating AF spectrum assess to spectrum resources at domestic and international regulatory meetings.


The Air Force can operate securely and safely in a contested and congested spectrum environment, spectrum data transformation and automation, and integration of business processes to increase efficiencies in electromagnetic spectrum operations.

eSimplicity’s engineering experts apply spectrum regulatory consulting expertise, radio frequency (RF) engineering, and customized software development to find innovative spectrum solutions for terrestrial and space telecommunication systems. We assist the Air Force in obtaining access to the radio waves, ascertain their ability and conditions to operate simultaneously with any other systems, and advocate on any challenges that arise in sharing use of the radio waves with existing and new services and technologies.

Technical Advisory Support

eSimplicity provides RF expertise interference studies for on-going spectrum relocations, domestic and international frequency coordination, and compatibility and/or coexistence studies, to protect existing Air Force systems and deploy new ones. Our engineers develop models and simulations at many level of granularity to adequately predict and quantify the EMC and EMI of AF operations in a realistic environment.

Regulatory Solutions

eSimplicity provides spectrum regulatory expertise in acquisition and protection of spectrum on behalf of AF around the world. We protect and advocate AF spectrum rights at national, regional and global levels, including the Word Radio Conference (WRC) where the international spectrum regulation changes taking place.