Navy and Marine Corps Spectrum Center


With the rapidly changing communications technology and regulatory environment, the Navy requires timely evaluations of proposed regulatory changes for their existing systems and their future developments in order to provide optimal support to our warfighters. The incredible growth from the industry for spectrum—which adds to the Defense Department’s demand—is what makes spectrum management so tricky at present.


eSimplicity assists the Navy and Marine Corps in planning, retaining, protecting, and effectively using electromagnetic spectrum resources for its operations. We provide regulatory and RF engineering expertise in full-cycle spectrum management and engineering including Spectrum Supportability Risk Assessment (SSRA), Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), equipment certification, on-going relocation efforts from sharing studies to policy development in advocating, protecting and defending NAVY systems.


The Navy and Marine Corps can operate securely and safely in a contested and congested spectrum environment, spectrum data transformation and automation, and integration of business processes to increase efficiencies in electromagnetic spectrum operations.

eSimplicity provides spectrum regulatory and RF engineering expertise protect and advocate NAVY spectrum operations in a contested and congested spectrum environment.


eSimplicity provides regulatory and engineering expertise on satellite planning, coordination, certifications/ registrations for all satellite systems (LEO, MEO, HEO, GSO). From conceptual to full development and improvement, we apply our regulatory and RF engineering expertise to conduct studies from frequency band selection, operational frequency selection, spectrum sharing studies to ensure high system performance and accurately predict and quantify the EMC/EMI in a realistic environment. Throughout the satellite coordination/certification/ITU registration process, we work closely with local and national regulatory authorities to advocate and protect NAVY’s spectrum operation.


We provide regulatory and technical expertise to support NAVY for the on-going spectrum relocation activities. Throughout the spectrum relocation’s lifecycle, we provide spectrum regulatory and RF engineering expertise from EMI/EMC studies, economic analysis, planning activities, policy development, transition, early entry sharing activities between new-comer and incumbent RF systems, and most of all advocating and protecting NAVY spectrum operation.

Equipment Certification

Throughout the equipment certification cycle, we provide spectrum regulatory and RF engineering expertise in SSRA, EMC/EMI, technical and regulatory compliance for all RF equipment.