SIMPLE Playbook

Digital services must be easy to create and deliver, just like they are easy for customers to buy and consume. But the industry as a whole is struggling to achieve this level of simplicity. Among the first steps of driving digital interactions is enabling customer engagement. We look at the actual lifecycle of customers or citizens (in the case of government services), from initial interactions to post-billing customer care interactions, and address any gaps or weaknesses. We focus on the biggest complaints of customers or citizens and then digitize services that yield the big gains in satisfaction.

The SIMPLE Experience

It’s Culture. Our leadership skips levels to build the culture.

Too often culture is set at the project or portfolio level by the project director. Not us. We measure our success by the culture and the ability the company can contagiously spread to all projects, programs, and customers. Our executive leadership skips levels to engage and hear feedback directly from team members at the agile team level. To maintain success, founders and executives must set a culture of serving leadership, working closely with the customers and team members to enable direct and indirect customers and subordinates to be successful. This serving leadership culture creates trust and allows open, candid communication across all levels vertically and horizontally within the company itself and with the customers and other stakeholders as well.

Be Bold. Be Real. Be Curious. That’s our People.

eSimplicity employees and subcontractors must first share our open, collaborative, and mission or purpose-driven culture. Leadership is expected to hire smart people, investing in their people and stepping up whenever needed. Staff must be inspired, continuously trained on both technical capabilities and company values and culture. Across the integrated team of both eSimplicity employees and our subcontractors, we share the values of “Be Bold. Be Real. Be Curious.” Team members must always strike for excellence. Team members must be open, real, and authentic in all interactions with peers, leads, subordinates and customers. And last but not least, team members, whether he or she is a product owner liaison, UX designer, or developer, must be bold and be curious in bringing new ideas to challenge the status quo.

Apps with more relationships will be the most effective ones!

The heart of modern digital services is the ability to connect a wider ecosystem of partners within an agency and across other government agencies, citizens and industry. The future lies in true app-to-app or system-to-system integration. Standalone apps will be a way of the past as users will expect their apps to be smarter and more connected. Just like humans, apps with more relationships will be the most popular and effective ones. We help our customers accelerate smart-to-app development by catalyzing rapid testing of innovative ideas, evolving a data-driven culture of collaborative decision-making, and providing a platform to leverage emerging technologies.

Your business is only as fast as your Data!

The best data strategies aren’t really data strategies. They’re business-problem strategies. There have never been more examples of data-driven disruption. Virtually every market has been shaken to its roots by new players who deploy and harness data in new ways. Companies with data-centric business models—like Airbnb and Uber—have grown up with data strategy embedded in their business strategy. But more traditional companies or government offices don’t have that advantage and are now looking to address data as a more central component of how they do business.

We help chief data officers on their goals. The first leg, the data leg, encompasses the care, protection and governance of the data itself; the second, the analytics leg, encompasses the capabilities needed to analyze that data and create meaningful insights; and the third, the technology leg, is the underlying infrastructure that ingests, moves and stores the data. We establish best practices around these 3 focused areas to quickly deliver values to our customers while progressively helping them get to where they need to be to make bigger business impacts faster.