Identity Management


Obtaining a user ID and access roles/privileges is often the first step for doctor offices, hospitals, and patients or their caregivers to interact with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Each subsequent time a provider or patient needs to interact with CMS online requires the use of their current, active credentials. However, many people (users) often have to go through multiple steps and web pages to obtain the access roles and eventually get to the online services needed. As a result, many give up and/or get frustrated with using or adopting online services.


A consistent, secure, and intuitive web page for users to obtain and self-serve their credential requests and approval is critical to improving the customer experience for healthcare providers and patients. The enterprise identity management (IDM) solution must offer parallel release capabilities to enable the development team to control security and access for multiple lines of business and systems at the same time. eSimplicity develops a custom and intuitive user interface (UI) that’s integrated with the leading solutions in Identity as a Service (IDaaS) and Identity Governance as a Service (IGaaS) including Saviynt and Okta.


Thousands of healthcare providers and their users seamlessly access online services made available by multiple lines of business at the CMS. The providers love the custom interface we built. CMS can manage complex access rules with the powerful API and capabilities provided by Saviynt and Okta. Finally, the level of effort for implementation is low. The implementation team turns around subsequent enhancements every 2 weeks.

Secured and Simple. eSimplicity just simplified the identity and access management process for tens of thousands of healthcare providers across multiple lines of business at the CMS. The team leverages leading solutions in Identity as a Service (IDaaS) and Identity Governance as a Service (IGaaS) including Saviynt and Okta. We completed the project from start to finish with a full authorization-to-operate (ATO) within 90 days.

Elevating User Experience and Gaining Enterprise Efficiencies

CMS gained critical business efficiencies, such as complete day-1 access for new hires and single sign-on (SSO) convenience for all its enterprise business applications. CMS can now control access, monitor, and record all activities of privileged for both internal and external users. The tool that eSimplicity engineers deployed, established and enforced security policies that protects sensitive systems across traditional data centers, virtualized infrastructure, and public and private clouds. It also provides full attribution of user activities, regardless of what resources they access. With a very small team on the effort, we were able to reduce Product, Infrastructure, and Resourcing costs by 40% for the CMS.

Open Source and SaaS Integration

Our engineers build intuitive UIs that integrate Saviynt and Okta application programming interfaces (APIs) using microservice architecture and a full DevSecOps pipeline on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The project uses 300 open source libraries that are vetted by our experts and DevSecOps scanning tools. We employ open source software for the construction and maintenance of the Continuous Integration/Continuous (CICD) pipeline including automated server construction, software deployment, security scanning, test verification, and quality gates.


eSimplicity’s team streamlined and built a new application on-boarding process, which was easy for application owners to use and understand. By understanding the users’ journey across the user interaction with CMS services, we were able to build a new modern looking custom Access Request and Approval UI using Saviynt and Okta APIs. We enabled Okta multi-authentication framework for additional security during user log in, and seamlessly integrated with Experian during user registration.